Comprehensive HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment for Doctors

Overall Objectives

To enhance the capacity of policy makers and program managers in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to strengthen HIV prevention efforts in their respective regions and countries.
14 weeks

Target Group

Policy makers and program managers who make decisions, influence policies, mobilize and allocate resources, and who have power and authority to effect required systemic and structural changes for effective HIV prevention in Uganda and elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review global and country specific HIV prevention information and response.
  2. Re-examine factors that place targeted populations at risk of HIV/AIDS.
  3. Analyze factors that affect the effectiveness of HIV prevention interventions among specific target groups or regions.
  4. Explain the role of HIV epidemiology, surveillance, monitoring and planning for more effective approaches to combat the HIV epidemic.
  5. Evaluate the existing and emerging complexities of designing, implementing, and integrating HIV prevention programs in their national and or regional portfolio.
  6. Determine policies, resources and required frameworks for scaling up comprehensive HIV prevention efforts in their countries or regions.
  7. Demonstrate ability to use evidence from the most recent and ongoing research in HIV prevention with a view of developing comprehensive HIV prevention interventions.
  8. Demonstrate competencies in designing evidence-based and context appropriate, multi- year HIV prevention interventions for a generalized epidemic.
  9. Demonstrate ability to effectively integrate HIV prevention dimensions into both HIV and non-HIV-focused activities.
  10. Demonstrate ability to monitor and evaluate HIV prevention programs