Geographic Information Systems/Global Positioning Systems

Course Overview

IDI Training and Capacity Development Department in collaboration with the Information Services Department are offering a 5-day classroom based short course in Geographic Information Systems/ Global Positioning Systems (GIS/GPS) in health and other fields.
GIS is fundamental in creation and use of maps as well as charts to help reveal; relationships, patterns and trends for project indicators to support program managers in their decision making processes.
The overall objective of the course is to provide participants with theoretical and practical understanding of GIS concepts and techniques through class lectures, discussions and practice in the design and development of cartographic skills with spatial analysis tools and real world applications. The course will be facilitated by GIS/GPS experts and will include practical demonstrations and hands on exercises.

Focus Areas

  1. Introduction to GIS/GPS
  2. Basic terminology
  3. Introduction to QGIS demonstration
  4. Spatial data types
    • Spatial data vectors
    • Spatial data rasters
  5. Creating maps
  1. Attribute data
  2. Working with spatial data types
  3. Mapping scales and projections
  4. Spatial data analysis
  5. Map design and production
  6. Map publishing

Course Eligibility

  • Public health workers
  • Project managers
  • M&E specialists
  • Data managers
  • Data officers
  • Researchers
  • Technical specialists

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