System for Integrated Grants Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Reporting (SIGMER)

SIGMER is an Accounting and Management tool aimed at improving management efficiency. This includes: security, proposal tracking and updating, grants records, budgets, report tracking, staff-time tracking, and monitoring and evaluation tracking. The system contains facilities for handling accounting functions and tools for grants management, monitoring and evaluation, planning and control. The SIGMER addresses majorly the following:

  • Prospect/in- development folder
  • Grant/pre- and post- contract folder
  • Chart of accounts folder
  • Grant monitoring and evaluation screen folder
  • Reports folder

Currently the Grants Management Unit manages a good number of projects using SIGMER which expedites financial reporting and monitoring and evaluation procedures, thereby ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the entire management process.


SIGMER aims to achieve the following:

  • To provide a robust system which is adaptable to different organization types/configurations such as other grant recipient and grant makers
  • To interface directly with other IDI systems
  • To allow for scalability of the system as the needs of the Grants and Monitoring and Evalution section at IDI grow
  • To improve content and graphical presentation of management reporting related to grants
  • To assist in planning, decision making and control