Finance and Operations

Financial Management

IDI has robust and efficient financial management systems. The Finance Department is staffed mainly by certified professional accountants and procurement experts and is supported by an automated financial management system which currently  handles high quality financial management and reporting for over 80 grants and contracts worth over USD $20,000,000 annually from multiple funders. IDI fully segregates project funds in its accounting system but maintains considerable flexibility in reporting across time periods and dimensions to match user and funder needs. IDI conforms to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and is subject to rigorous audits performed by reputable international audit firms which to date have been unqualified. Its current auditors (FY 2013/2014) are KPMG (internal audit) and Deloitte & Touché (external audit) respectively. This is complemented by its own in-house audit function which scrutinizes all ongoing project expenditure; for some projects this is further augmented with project-specific audits required by various funders. In addition, the IDI Board has a powerful standing audit committee to oversee the organization’s finances at governance level.


The IDI Operations function centrally supports IDI’s activities in its facilities as well as (where applicable) partners’ facilities across the full geographical scope of IDI. It encompasses a full time facilities team (which is responsible for installation/construction, management and maintenance of a range of electrical, mechanical and physical plant facilities (including specialized lab facilities) and a fleet management team (which manages and maintains a fleet of over 50 vehicles).

Human Resources Management

IDI has a robust and efficient automated human resource management system. The Human Resource section is staffed with qualified human resource practitioners who are registered members of the Human Resource Managers’ Association of Uganda, the professional body for Human Resource management practitioners in Uganda.