The IDI Research Department’s goal over the 2013-2018 strategic planning period is “to produce outstanding, internationally-recognized scholarship in infectious diseases that influences global policy and practice, with emphasis on Africa”. In keeping with this goal, IDI is implementing over 45 research projects supported by a diverse array of funders. (See our Projects and Funders page for more information.)

The department has shown remarkable growth from only a few externally driven research projects to higher impact research important for the health of Ugandans and for Sub‐Saharan Africa. The Programme is now sustained through a healthy mix of externally and internally‐driven projects that have led to a notable number of research publications (over 280) in peer-reviewed scientific journals since 2004 and a significant number of research abstracts. The department has piloted innovative initiatives such as the IDI research cohort, the translational diagnostics lab, and the DataFax Unit which have proved to be rich research resources, attracting new research funding, and leading to quality, high impact research. In addition, IDI conducts operational research to answer key questions that directly impact policy and practice.