Geographical Coverage

IDI has expanded its programmes, research and capacity building initiatives into rural districts of Uganda and beyond into the region and the African continent. For more information about IDI's activities in Uganda and internationally, please click on the respective tabs below. 


IDI projects cover 54% of Ugandan districts (as of June 2015). In support of local and national government strategies and priorities, IDI projects range across HIV, TB, malaria and maternal and child health (MCH) in urban and rural areas; across a spectrum of services including health promotion, disease prevention, and curative referral services; and across all levels in the health system from grassroots community (through support to Village Health Workers) to eight Regional Referral Hospitals. N.B. The map below includes projects that IDI is a subcontractor or sub-grantee for.



CountryFocus of Technical AssistanceYear
NepalCapacity building at Ministry of Health2011
MaliLab staff training2012
SwazilandLab systems strengthening2013 and ongoing
KenyaCapacity building for management of extremely dangerous pathogens2012 and ongoing
TanzaniaCapacity building for management of extremely dangerous pathogens2013
MalawiIntegrated community case management: malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoeal diseases, and eye infections2012-2014