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Year: 2017

  • Lofgren, S., Hullsiek, H. K., Morawski, M. B., Nabeta, W. H., Kiggundu, R., Taseera, K. et al. (2017). Differences in Immunologic Factors Among Patients Presenting with Altered Mental Status During Cryptococcal Meningitis.. The Journal of infectious diseases, 215(5), 693-697.[More]
  • Bershetyn, A., Odeny, A. T., Lyamuya, R., Nakiwogga-Muwanga, A., Diero, L., Bwana, M. et al. (2017). The causal effect of tracing by peer health workers on return to clinic among patients who were lost to follow-up from antiretroviral therapy in eastern Africa: a randomized "natural experiment" arising from surveillance of lost patients.. Clinical Infectious Diseases: an official publication of the infectiouse diseases Society of America, , 1-8.[More]
  • Buyego, P., Nakiyingi, L., Ddungu, H., Walimbwa, S., Nalwanga, D., Reynolds, J. S. et al. (2017). Possible misdiagnosis of HIV associated lymphoma as tuberculosis among patients attending Uganda Cancer Institute.. AIDS research and therapy, 14(1), 1-6.[More]
  • Orikiiriza, J., Surowiec, I., Lindquist, E., Bonde, M., Magambo, J., Muhinda, C. et al. (2017). Lipid response patterns in acute phase paediatric Plasmodium falciparum malaria.. Metabolomics: Official journal of the Metabolomic Society, 13(41), 14.[More]
  • Neary, M., Lamorde, M., Olagunju, A., Darin, M. K., Merry, C., Byakika-Kibwika, P. et al. (2017). The Effect of Gene Variants on Levonorgestrel Pharmacokinetics when Combined with Antiretroviral Therapy containing Efavirenz or Nevirapine.. Clinical Pharmacology and therapeutic, .[More]
  • Abongomera, G., Cook, A., Musiime, V., Chabala, C., Lamorde, M., Abach, J. et al. (2017). Improved Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Observed Among HIV-Infected Children Whose Caregivers had Positive Beliefs in Medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa.. AIDS and Behavior, 21(2), 441-449.[More]
  • Wanyama, N. J., Tsui, S., Kwok, C., Wanyenze, R., Denison, J., Koole, O. et al. (2017). Persons living with HIV infection on antiretroviral therapy also consulting traditional healers: a study in three African countries.. International Journal of STDs & AIDS, .[More]
  • Castelnuovo, B., Musomba, R., Musaazi, J. & Kiragga, N. A. (2017). Different modalities of entry in a large urban clinic in Uganda and impact on outcomes of patients assessing HIV care and treatment.. AIDS care, 29(2), 259-262.[More]
  • Lofgren, S., Abassi, M., Rhein, J. & Boulware, D. (2017). Recent advances in AIDS-related cryptococcal meningitis treatment with an emphasis on resource limited settings.. Expert review of anti-infective therapy, 15(4), 331-340.[More]
  • Sekaggya-Wiltshire, C., von Braun, A., Scherrer, U. A., Manabe, C. Y., Buzibye, A., Muller, D. et al. (2017). Anti-TB drug concentrations and drug-associated toxicities among TB/HIV-coinfected patients.. The journal of the antimicrobial chemotherapy, 72(4), 1172-1177.[More]
  • Tugume, L., Morawski, B., Abassi, M., Bahr, N., Kiggundu, R., Nabeta, H. et al. (2017). Prognostic implications of baseline anaemia and changes in haemoglobin concentrations with amphotericin B therapy for cryptococcal meningitis.. HIV Medicine, 18(1), 13-20.[More]
  • Mavoko, M. H., Nabasumba, C., Tinto, H., D'Alessandro, U., Kambugu, A., Baraka, V. et al. (2017). Efficacy and safety of re-treatment with the same artemisinin-based combination treatment (ACT) compared with an alternative ACT and quinine plus clindamycin after failure of first-line recommended ACT (QUINACT): a bicentre, open-label, phase 3, randomise. The Lancet. Global Health, 5(1), e60-e68..[More]
  • Sekaggya‑Wiltshire, C., von Braun, A., Scherr, U. A., Magambo, B., Kambugu, A., Fehr, J. et al. (2017). Early virological failure and HIV drug resistance in Ugandan adults co-infected with tuberculosis.. AIDS research and therapy, 14(1), 1-6.[More]

Year: 2016

  • Kekitiinwa, A., Szubert, J. A., Spyer, M., Katuramu, R., Musiime, V., Mhute, T. et al. (2016). Virologic Response to First-Line Efavirenz- or Nevirapine-Based Anti-Retroviral Therapy in HIV-Infected African Children.. The Pediatric infectious disease journal, .[More]
  • Abassi, M., Morawski, M. B., Nakigozi, G., Nakasujja, N., Kong, X., Meya, B. D. et al. (2016). Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers and HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders in HIV-infected individuals in Rakai, Uganda.. Journal of neurolvirology, .[More]
  • Manabe, C. Y., Worodria, W., van Leth, F., Mayanja-Kizza, H., Traore, N. A., Ferro, J. et al. (2016). Prevention of Early Mortality by Presumptive Tuberculosis Therapy Study: An Open Label, Randomized Controlled Trial.. The American journal of Tropical medicine and Hygiene, 95(6), 1265-1271.[More]
  • Musinguzi, N., Muwonge, T., Thomas, K., Baeten, M. J., Bangsberg, R. D. & Haberer, E. J. (2016). Does Adherence Change When No One is Looking? Comparing Announced and Unannounced Tenofovir Levels in a PrEP Trial.. AIDS and Behavior, 20(11), 2639–2643.[More]
  • Manabe, C. Y., Dietrich, A., Kim, S. & Zenilman, J. (2016). Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Man With Acute Visual Impairment and Panuveitis Due to Syphilis Despite Initially Negative Rapid Plasma Reagin.. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 43(11), 709.[More]
  • Burnett, M. S., Mbonye, K. M., Martin, R., Ronald, A., Zawedde-Muyanja, S., Willis, S. K. et al. (2016). Effect of On-Site Support on Laboratory Practice for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Testing.. American journal of clinical pathology, 146(4), 469-77.[More]
  • Kakaire, T., Schlech, W., Coutinho, A., Brough, R. & Parkes-Ratanshi, R. (2016). The future of financing for HIV services in Uganda and the wider sub-Saharan Africa region: should we ask patients to contribute to the cost of their care?. BMC Public Health, 16(896).[More]
  • Mujugira, A., Celum, C., Coombs, W. R., Campbell, D. J., Ndase, P., Ronald, A. et al. (2016). HIV Transmission Risk Persists During the First 6 Months of Antiretroviral Therapy.. Journal of Acquired immune Deficiency Syndromes (1999)., 72(5), 579-84.[More]
  • Semeere, S. A., Castelnuovo, B., Bbaale, S. D., Kiragga, N. A., Kigozi, J., Muganzi, M. A. et al. (2016). Innovative Demand Creation for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Targeting a High Impact Male Population: A Pilot Study Engaging Pregnant Women at Antenatal Clinics in Kampala, Uganda.. Journal of Acquired immune Deficiency Syndromes (1999)., 15(72), 273-9.[More]
  • Prendergast, J. A., Szubert, J. A., Berejena, C., Pimundu, G., Pala, P., Shonhai, A. et al. (2016). Baseline Inflammatory Biomarkers Identify Subgroups of HIV-Infected African Children With Differing Responses to Antiretroviral Therapy.. The Journal of infectious diseases, 214(2), 226-36.[More]
  • Elul, B., Wools-Kaloustian, K. K., Wu, Y., Musick, S. B., Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha, H., Nash, D. et al. (2016). Untangling the Relationship Between Antiretroviral Therapy Use and Incident Pregnancy: A Marginal Structural Model Analysis Using Data From 47,313 HIV-Positive Women in East Africa. Journal of Acquired immune Deficiency Syndromes (1999)., 72(3), 324-32.[More]
  • Katagira, W., Walter, D. N., Den Boon, S., Kalema, N., Ayakaka, I., Vittinghoff, E. et al. (2016). Empiric TB Treatment of Severely Ill Patients With HIV and Presumed Pulmonary TB Improves Survival. Journal of Acquired immune Deficiency Syndromes (1999)., 72(3), 297-303.[More]
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