Milly Laker Ocaya

Deputy Head of Finance & Administration

Milly is the Deputy Head of Finance and Administration. Since joining the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) in 2017, she has overseen the Finance, Operations and Supply chain functions.

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Strategic Planning), a Certificate in Project Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance.
Milly is passionate about developing and improving fundamental sustainable support systems in entities at various stages of growth, from start-ups to mature organisations. She has honed her skills in her 14 years’ experience supporting business strategy and operations in the private and not-for-profit sector across East, Central, Southern and the Horn of Africa. Her work has spanned a wide range of industries including telecom, hospitality, transport and logistics (air, river, and road), public health, education, agri-business and construction.

Milly is, also, an avid sportswoman. She was on Uganda’s National volleyball team for eight years and served as its captain.