Electrical Technician (1)

General Summary

The Electrical Technician will maintain and repair all facilities-related equipment and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the systems at all times. He/she will also oversee the work of contracted works to outside contractors - ensuring that their work is up to the required quality and standard.

Key Responsibilities

1.0 Facility preventive maintenance (including external facilities)

1.1     Implements comprehensive maintenance program for the facility structure, equipment, and laboratory equipment

1.2     Carries out routine inspections / scheduled checks.

1.3    Carries out monthly readings and recording of utilities meting (water & electricity).\

1.4 Performs routine checks and testing of building safety systems (fire alarms, smoke detection).

1.5 Troubleshoots, installs, adjusts, modifies and repairs restricted elements of building systems and infrastructure.

1.6 Serves as the IDI liaison with equipment preventive maintenance service providers and ensures they follow schedule and bill correctly.

1.8 Provides regular notification to the Facilities engineer and all other relevant staff regarding ongoing and special maintenance projects, project priorities, material and staffing, and timeliness required.

2.0   Facility corrective maintenance (including external facilities)

2.1 Refers to and works with contractors for major breakdown repairs and regularly scheduled servicing.

2.2  Inspects work in progress and upon completion provides appropriate sign-off

2.3  Inspects and tests repaired and newly acquired installed equipment

2.4 Participates in the installation and commissioning of repaired/equipment.

3.0   Documentation and Reporting

3.1 Maintains all maintenance documentation through the use of standard service sheets

3.2 Reports status of equipment to the Facilities Engineer through service sheets or verbal communication to ensure proper functions and safety at all times.

4.0  Inventory

4.1 In liaison with the Facilities Engineer, maintains an up-to-date inventory of all spare parts in detailed technical specifications

4.2 Liaises with the Facilities Engineer for order of all requisite spare parts, materials, supplies, and tools to ensure repairs and maintenance are carried out in an efficient and effective manner.

5.0  Safety

5.1  Performs all duties as a member of the Fire Alarm Response Team

5.2 In conjunction with Facilities Engineer, enforces safety standards

5.3  Trains end users and operators on the safe operation and handling of equipment

6.0 Other Duties:

6.1 Performs, from time to time, any reasonable request from a member of management

7.0 Education and Experience:

7.1 A Bachelors degree or ordinary Diploma in Electrical, or Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineering.

7.2 Progressive experience of at least five years in electrical, refrigeration installations, and a variety of building and infrastructure systems equipment maintenance and repairs.

7.3 Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written; including the ability to negotiate with potential contractors/service providers.

Person Specification

8.1 Knowledge of maintenance trade procedures, equipment, tools and supplies commonly used to support the installation, maintenance, and repair of buildings, tools, and equipment

8.2  Knowledge of safety procedures and terminology.

8.3 Skills in assessing conditions and standards of tools, equipment and completed work

8.4 Skills in letting, managing, and troubleshooting with contractors and maintenance service contracts.

8.5  Knowledge of occupational hazards and standard health and safety practices

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2 Years
Electrical Engineer
2023-08-30 10:00:05.000

2 Years

Electrical Engineer
2023-08-30 10:00:05.000

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