General Summary

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Monitoring, Evaluation, and Knowledge Management Specialist to join our Global Health Security Program. The incumbent will provide strategic leadership to the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) section, support scientific writing, foster knowledge management, and contribute to project planning and reporting to funders. The ideal candidate will possess strong managerial skills and a demonstrated track record of success in M&E, scientific writing, and strategic planning within the context of global health security.

Key Responsibilities

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  1. Design and implement robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks to assess the project performance, effectiveness, and impact of program activities.
  2. Lead the development and implementation of data collection tools, systems, and processes to ensure quality and timely data collection.
  3. Conduct regular data analysis and interpretation to inform programmatic decision-making and program delivery.
  4. Integrate M&E considerations into project planning, implementation, and reporting processes.
  5. Liaise with funders and stakeholders to ensure alignment of M&E activities with donor requirements and expectations.

Knowledge Management:

  1. Facilitate knowledge management initiatives to capture, synthesize, and disseminate lessons learned, best practices, and innovations across the GHS program.
  2. Support scientific writing efforts, including the preparation of manuscripts, technical reports, and other knowledge products for publication.
  3. Develop and maintain repositories of programmatic data, research findings, and evidence-based practices.
  4. Promote a culture of learning and continuous improvement within the GHS program through knowledge-sharing platforms and activities.


  1. Contribute to the development of business pipelines by providing technical inputs, evidence generation, and strategic insights.
  2. Provide strategic leadership and direction to the Monitoring and Evaluation section of the Global Health Security Program.
  3. Mentor and build the capacity of staff members within the M&E section and across the GHS program.

Collaborate closely with program teams to ensure alignment of M&E activities with programmatic objectives and priorities.

Represent the program in external forums, conferences, and working groups related to monitoring, evaluation, and knowledge management.

Person Specification

Qualifications, Skills, and Experience:

  1. A Master's degree or higher in Public health, Epidemiology, Health informatics, Statistics, or a related field from an internationally accredited university. PhD will be an added advantage. Candidates from non-numerical disciplines should demonstrate strong experience in monitoring and Evaluation.
  2. Minimum of 7 years of experience in monitoring, evaluation, and knowledge management, preferably in the context of global health security or infectious disease programs and donor-funded projects.
  3. Proven track record of designing and implementing M&E frameworks, including the use of quantitative and qualitative methods for data collection and analysis.
  4. Strong proficiency in scientific writing, with a demonstrated ability to produce high-quality manuscripts, reports, and technical documents.
  5. Experience in strategic planning, project management, and business development within the international development sector.
  6. Excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills, with the ability to effectively engage with diverse stakeholders.
  7. Proficiency in relevant software and tools for data management, analysis, and visualization (e.g., DHIS2, REDCap, STATA/R, Tableau).
  8. Willingness to travel domestically (to the field), as needed.

More Details
12 Months
Deputy HoD
2024-05-13 18:53:19.000

12 Months

Deputy HoD
2024-05-13 18:53:19.000

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