The IDI Core Laboratory provides an extensive range of high-quality lab services for IDI clinical and research activities. It also supports other research projects and clients for sustained improvement of lab capacity across Uganda with systems of assured and consistent quality.

Acquisition of new equipment including Sysmex XN2000 Autoloaders,-80 back-up freezers and Uninterrupted Power Supply unit – 60KVA inverter Effekta UPSs) improved the laboratory turnaround time.

The lab embarked on improving specimen storage system by separating the two storage systems (LDMS and Core lab System) specimens into separate freezers to make it easier for physical tracking.

A programme to train 2 new graduates every quarter for 3 months’ on-site in the CAP accredited laboratory was introduced. This will help expose fresh graduates to an excellent laboratory service and contribute to the country’s effort in improving laboratory services.