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YC, Manabe; H, Nambooze; ES, Okello; MR, Kamya; ET, Katabira; I, Ssinabulya; M, Kaddumukasa; Y, Nabunnya; RC, Bollinger; NK., Sewankambo

Group Mentorship Model to Enhance the Efficiency and Productivity of PhD Research Training in Sub-Saharan Africa. Journal Article

Annals of Global Health, 84 (1), pp. 170-175, 2019.

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Ahimbisibwe, Cynthia; Kwizera, Richard; Ndyetukira, Jane Frances; Kugonza, Florence; Sadiq, Alisat; Hullsiek, Kathy Huppler; Williams, Darlisha A; Rhein, Joshua; Boulware, David R; Meya, David B

Management of amphotericin-induced phlebitis among HIV patients with cryptococcal meningitis in a resource-limited setting: a prospective cohort study. Journal Article

BMC Infectious Diseases , 19 (1), pp. 558, 2019.

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PL, Ponatshego; DS, Lawrence; N, Youssouf; SF, Molloy; M, Alufandika; F, Bango; DR, Boulware; C, Chawinga; E, Dziwani; E, Gondwe; A, Hlupeni; MC, Hosseinipour; C, Kanyama; DB, Meya; M, Mosepele; C, Muthoga; CK, Muzoora; H, Mwandumba; CE, Ndhlovu; R, Rajasingham; S, Sayed; S, Shamu; K, Tsholo; L, Tugume; D, Williams; H, Maheswaran; T, Shiri; T, Boyer-Chammard; A, Loyse; T, Chen; D, Wang; O, Lortholary; DG, Lalloo; G, Meintjes; S, Jaffar; TS, Harrison; JN, Jarvis; LW, Niessen

AMBIsome Therapy Induction OptimisatioN (AMBITION): High dose AmBisome for cryptococcal meningitis induction therapy in sub-Saharan Africa: economic evaluation protocol for a randomised controlled trial-based equivalence study Journal Article

BMJ Open, 9 (4), pp. 1-8, 2019.

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L, Mukaremera; TR, McDonald; JN, Nielsen; CJ, Molenaar; A, Akampurira; C, Schutz; K, Taseera; C, Muzoora; G, Meintjes; DB, Meya; andNielsen K, Boulware DR

The Mouse Inhalation Model of Cryptococcus neoformans Infection Recapitulates Strain Virulence in Humans and Shows that Closely Related Strains Can Possess Differential Virulence Journal Article

Infection and Immunity , 87 (5), 2019.

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Bongomin, Felix; Kwizera, Richard; Atukunda, Angella; J.Kirenga, Bruce

Cor pulmonale complicating chronic pulmonary aspergillosis with fatal consequences: Experience from Uganda. Journal Article

Medical Mycology Case Reports, 25 (1), pp. 22-24, 2019.

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Nakalembe, Miriam; Philippa, Makanga; Frank, Mubiru; Megan, Swanson; Jeffrey, Martin; Megan, Huchko

Prevalence, correlates, and predictive value of high-risk human papillomavirus mRNA detection in a community-based cervical cancer screening program in western Uganda. Journal Article

Infectious Agents and Cancer, 14 (14), pp. 1-10, 2019.

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FS, Sarfo; B, Castelnuovo; I, Fanti; T, Feldt; F, Incardona; R, Kaiser; I, Lwanga; G, Marrone; A, Sonnerborg; TB, Tufa; M, Zazzi; A., De Luca

Longer-term effectiveness of protease-inhibitor-based second line antiretroviral therapy in four large sub-Saharan African clinics Journal Article

The Journal of Infection, 75 (5), pp. 402-408, 2019.

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I, Surowiec; T, Skotare; R, Sjögren; S, Gouveia-Figueira; J, Orikiiriza; S, Bergström; J, Normark; J, Trygg

Joint and unique multiblock analysis of biological data - multiomics malaria study Journal Article

Faraday Discussions, 218 , 2019.

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R, Kwizera; J, Musaazi; DB, Meya; W, Worodria; F, Bwanga; H, Kajumbula; SJ, Fowler; BJ, Kirenga; R, Gore; DW, Denning

Burden of fungal asthma in Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis Journal Article

PloS One, 14 (5), 2019.

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Y, Wibabara; C, Banura; J, Kalyango; C, Karamagi; A, Kityamuwesi; WC, Amia; P, Ocama

Hepatitis B vaccination status and associated factors among undergraduate students of Makerere University College of Health Sciences. Journal Article

Plose One, 14 (4), 2019.

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A, Baumann; J, Musaazi; A, Kambugu; M, Kälin; D, Weissberg; D, Ssemwanga; J, Fehr; B, Castelnuovo; C, Sekaggya-Wiltshire; A, Von Braun

Virological outcome of patients with HIV drug resistance attending an urban out-patient clinic in Uganda: a need for structured adherence counselling and third line treatment options. Journal Article

Journal of Acquired Immune Defficiency Syndrome , 80 (4), pp. 481-487, 2019.

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C, Sekaggya-Wiltshire; M, Chirehwa; J, Musaazi; von A, Braun; A, Buzibye; D, Muller; U, Gutteck; I, Motta; A, Calcagno; JS, Fehr; A, Kambugu; B, Castelnuovo; M, Lamorde; P, Denti

Low anti-tuberculosis drug concentrations in HIV-Tuberculosis co-infected adults with low body weight; is it time to update dosing guidelines? Journal Article

American society for Microbiology , 2019.

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EAO, Laker; MS, Nabaggala; A, Kaimal; D, Nalwanga; B, Castelnuovo; A, Musubire; A, Kiragga; M, Lamorde; RP, Ratanshi

An observational study in an urban Ugandan clinic comparing virological outcomes of patients switched from first-line antiretroviral regimens to second-line regimens containing ritonavir-boosted atazanavir or ritonavir-boosted lopinavir Journal Article

BMC Infectious Diseases, 19 (1), pp. p.280, 2019.

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Nasuuna, Esther; Babirye, Lillian; Namimbi, Florence; Muganzi, Alex; Kigozi, Joanita

Where are the HIV Positive Children? A Comparison of Facility and Community Testing Approaches in 14 Public Health Facilities in Five Ugandan Districts. Journal Article

Open Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatal care , 2019.

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MK, Shenoy; DW, Fadrosh; DL, Lin; W, Worodria; P, Byanyima; E, Musisi; S, Kaswabuli; J, Zawedde; I, Sanyu; E, Chang; S, Fong; K, McCauley; JL, Davis; L, Huang; SV, Lynch

Gut microbiota in HIV-pneumonia patients is related to peripheral CD4 counts, lung microbiota, and in vitro macrophage dysfunction Journal Article

Microbiome, 7 (1), 2019.

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E, Nasuuna; J, Kigozi; PA, Muwanguzi; J, Babirye; L, Kiwala; A, Muganzi; N, Sewankambo; D, Nakanjako

Challenges faced by caregivers of virally non-suppressed children on the intensive adherence counselling program in Uganda: a qualitative study Journal Article

BMC Health Services Research , 19 (1), 2019.

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D, Kibirige; RE, Sanya; R, Nantanda; W, Worodria; B, Kirenga

Availability and affordability of medicines and diagnostic tests recommended for management of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review Journal Article

Allergy, Arthma and Clinical Immunology , 15 (1), 2019.

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A, Calcagno; J, Cusato; C, Sekaggya-Wiltshire; von A, Braun; I, Motta; G, Turyasingura; B, Castelnuovo; J, Fehr; G, Di Perri; M, Lamorde

The Influence of Pharmacogenetic Variants in HIV/Tuberculosis Coinfected Patients in Uganda in the SOUTH Study. Journal Article

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics , 106 (2), pp. 450-457, 2019.

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K, Ssebambulidde; I, Segawa; E, Laker; M, Lamorde; B, Castelnouvo; N, Nakasujja; A, Calcagno

Symptomatic cerebrospinal fluid HIV-1 escape in two patients on second-line antiretroviral therapy in Uganda Journal Article

Oxford Medical case Reports , 2019 (2), 2019.

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MO, Kuteesa; M, Quaife; S, Biraro; KR, Katumba; J, Seeley; A, Kamali; D., Nakanjako

Acceptability and Predictors of Uptake of Anti-retroviral Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Among Fishing Communities in Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Discrete Choice Experiment Survey Journal Article

AIDS and Behavior , 2019.

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E, Nakku-Joloba; Kiguli, ; CN, Kayemba J; A, Twimukye; JK, Mbazira; R, Parkes-Ratanshi; M, Birungi; J, Kyenkya; J, Byamugisha; C, Gaydos; YC, Manabe

Perspectives on male partner notification and treatment for syphilis among antenatal women and their partners in Kampala and Wakiso districts, Uganda Journal Article

BMC Infectious Diseases, 19 (1), pp. 124, 2019.

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WDF, Venter; A, Kambugu; MF, Chersich; S, Becker; A, Hill; N, Arulappan; M, Moorhouse; M, Majam; G, Akpomiemie; S, Sokhela; S, Poongulali; C, Feldman; C, Duncombe; DHB, Ripin; A, Vos; N, Kumarasamy

Efficacy and Safety of Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Versus Low-Dose Stavudine Over 96 Weeks: A Multicountry Randomized, Noninferiority Trial Journal Article

Journal of Acquired Immune Defficiency Syndrome (1999), 80 (2), pp. 224–233., 2019.

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R, Rajasingham; DB, Meya; GS, Greene; A, Jordan; M, Nakawuka; TM, Chiller; DR, Boulware; BA, Larson

Evaluation of a national cryptococcal antigen screening program for HIV-infected patients in Uganda: A cost-effectiveness modeling analysis. Journal Article

PloS One, 14 (1), 2019.

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K, Jessie; Peter, Edwards; Freddie, Arimi; Grace, Ssengooba; Milissa, Mulholland; A, Markiewicz Elizabeth; T, Bukusi Judy; Arti, Orikiiriza; Weir., Virkud Sharon

The HIV care continuum among resident and non‐resident populations found in venues in East Africa cross‐border areas Journal Article

Journal of International AIDS society , 22 (1), 2019.

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AN, Kiragga; F, Mubiru; AD, Kambugu; MR, Kamya; B, Castelnuovo

A decade ofantiretroviral therapy in Uganda: what are the emerging causes of death? Journal Article

BMC Infectious Diseases, 19 (77), 2019.

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S, Okoboi; B, Castelnuovo; DM, Moore; J, Musaazi; A, Kambugu; J, Birungi; M, Nanfuka; A, Van Rie

Incidence rate of sexually transmitted infections among HIV infected patients on long-term ART in an urban and a rural clinic in Uganda. BMC Public Health Journal Article

BMC Public Health, 19 (87), 2019.

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JP, Kaboggoza; X, Wang; M, Neary; P, Ayuso; C, Sekaggya-Wiltshire; S, Nakalema; A, Owen; M, McClure; M, Lamorde; M, Boffito

A Lower Dose of Efavirenz Can Be Coadministered With Rifampicin and Isoniazid in Tuberculosis Patients Journal Article

Open Forum Diseases , 6 (2), 2019.

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AK, Musubire; DB, Meya; ET, Katabira; ACL, Meyer; PR, Bohjanen; DR, Boulware; F, Minja

Epidemiology of non-traumatic spinal cord injury in Uganda: a single center, prospective study with MRI evaluation Journal Article

BMC Neaurology , 19 (1), 2019.

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DS, Lawrence; N, Youssouf; SF, Molloy; A, Alanio; M, Alufandika; DR, Boulware; T, Boyer-Chammard; T, Chen; F, Dromer; A, Hlupeni; W, Hope; MC, Hosseinipour; C, Kanyama; O, Lortholary; A, Loyse; DB, Meya; M, Mosepele; C, Muzoora; HC, Mwandumba; CE, Ndhlovu; L, Niessen; C, Schutz; KE, Stott; D, Wang; DG, Lalloo; G, Meintjes; S, Jaffar; TS, Harrison; JN, Jarvis

Correction to: AMBIsome Therapy Induction OptimisatioN (AMBITION): High Dose AmBisome for Cryptococcal Meningitis Induction Therapy in sub-Saharan Africa: Study Protocol for a Phase 3 Randomised Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial. Journal Article

Trails, 20 (1), 2019.

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R, Parkes-Ratanshi; R, Kikonyogo; YH, Hsieh; E, Nakku-Joloba; YC, Manabe; CA, Gaydos; A, Rompalo

Point-of-care diagnostics: needs of African health care workers and their role combating global antimicrobial resistance Journal Article

International Journal of STD & AIDS, 30 (4), pp. 404-410, 2019.

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Muhumuza, Simon; Akello, Evelyn; Kyomugisha-Nuwagaba, Charity; Baryamutuma, Rose; Sebuliba, Isaac; Lutalo, Ibrahim M; Kansiime, Edgar; Kisaakye, Linda N; Kiragga, Agnes N; King, Rachel; Bazeyo, William; Lindan, Christina

Retention in care among HIV-infected pregnant and breastfeeding women on lifelong antiretroviral therapy in Uganda: A retrospective cohort study Journal Article

PloS One, 12 (12), 2018.

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RR, Atherton; J, Ellis; FV, Cresswell; J, Rhein; DR, Boulware

Ophthalmic signs in Ugandan adults with HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis: A nested analysis of the ASTRO-CM cohort. Journal Article

Welcome Open Access , 3 (80), 2018.

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Bahr, Nathan C; Nuwagira, Edwin; Evans, Emily E; Cresswell, Fiona V; Bystrom, Philip V; Byamukama, Adolf; Bridge, Sarah C; Bangdiwala, Ananta S; Meya, David B; Denkinger, Claudia M; Muzoora, Conrad; Boulware, David R

Diagnostic accuracy of Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra for tuberculous meningitis in HIV-infected adults: a prospective cohort study. Journal Article

Lancent Infectious Diseases, 18 (1), pp. 68-75, 2018.

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Freemen, Esther E; Semeere, Aggrey; Osman, Hany; Peterso, Gary; and Milind Rajadhyaksha, Salvador Gonzalez; Martin, Jeffrey N; Anderson, Rox R; Tearney, Guillermo J; Kang, Dongkyun

Smartphone Confocal Microscopy for Imaging Cellular Structures In Human Skin in Vivo. Journal Article

BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS , 9 (4), pp. 1906–1915, 2018.

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Nyakato, Patience; Kiragga, Agnes N; Kambugu, Andrew; Bradley, John; Baisley, Kathy

Correction of estimates of retention in care among a cohort of HIV-positive patients in Uganda in the period before starting ART: a sampling-based approach Journal Article

BMJ Open, 8 (4), 2018.

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Cresswell, Fiona V; Bangdiwala, Ananta S; Meya, David B; Bahr, Nathan C; Vidal, Jose E; M. Estée Török, Le Thi Phuong ; Thwaites, Thao Guy E; Boulwar, David R

Absence of Cerebrospinal Fluid Pleocytosis in Tuberculous Meningitis is a Common Occurrence in HIV Co-infection and a Predictor of Poor Outcomes Journal Article

International Jouranl of Infectious Deseases, 67 , pp. 77-78, 2018.

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Castelnuovo, Barbara; Mubiru, Frank; Kiragga, Agnes N; Musomba, Rachel; Mbabazi, Olive; Gonza, Paul; Kambugu, Andrew; Ratanshi, Rosalind Parks

Antiretroviral treatment Long-Term (ALT) cohort: a prospective cohort of 10 years of ART-experienced patients in Uganda Journal Article

BMJ Open, 8 (2), 2018.

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Nakiyingi, Lydia; Nakanwagi, Prossy; Briggs, Jessica; Agaba, Tifu; Mubiru, Frank; Mugenyi, Mark; Ssengooba, Willy; Joloba, Moses L; Manabe, Yukari C

Performance of loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in a high prevalence TB/HIV rural setting in Uganda Journal Article

BMC Infectious Diseases , 18 (1), pp. 87, 2018.

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Barbara Castelnuovo Frank Mubiru, Shadia Nakalema Adelline Twimukye ; Kiragga, Agnes

Describing the retention in care of human immunodeficiency viruspositive young adults who transition from adolescent to adult care Journal Article

International Health, 10 (4), pp. 318-320, 2018.

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Global Trends in CD4 Cell Count at the Start of Antiretroviral Therapy: Collaborative Study of Treatment Program Journal Article

Clinical Infectious Diseases, 66 (6), pp. 893–903, 2018.

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Vululi, Sosthene Tsongo; Bugeza, Samuel; Zeridah, Muyinda; Ddungu, Henry; Openy, Akello Betty; Frank, Mubiru; Parkes‑Ratanshi, Rosalind

Prevalence of lower limb deep venous thrombosis among adult HIV positive patients attending an outpatient clinic at Mulago Hospital Journal Article

AIDS Research and Therapy, 13 (1), 2018.

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Nelson Kalema Christina Lindan, Dave Glidden Samuel Yoo Achilles Katamba Andama Alfred Winceslaus Katagira Patrick Byanyim Emmanuel Musisi Sylvia Kaswabuli Sanyu Ingvar Josephine Zawedde Christina Yoon Irene Ayakaka Lucian Davis Laurence Huang William Worodria D J; Cattamanchi, Adithya

Predictors and short-term outcomes of recurrent pulmonary tuberculosis, Uganda: a cohort study Journal Article

South African repository journal, 23 (4), pp. 106-112, 2018.

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Dorman, Susan E; Schumacher, Samuel G; Alland, David; Nabeta, Pamela; Armstrong, Derek T; King, Bonnie; Hall, Sandra L; Chakravorty, Soumitesh; Cirillo, Daniela M; Nestani Tukvadze, ; Bablishvili, Nino; Stevens, Wendy; Scott, Lesley; Rodrigues, Camilla; Kazi, Mubin I; Joloba, Moses; Nakiyingi, Lydia; Nicol, Mark P; Ghebrekristos, Yonas; Anyango, Irene; Murithi, Wilfred; Dietze, Reynaldo; Peres, Renata Lyrio; Skrahina, Alena; Auchynka, Vera; Chopra, Kamal Kishore; Hanif, Mahmud; Liu, Xin; Xing Yuan, ; Boehme, Catharina C; Ellner, Jerrold J; Denkinger, Claudia M

Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance: a prospective multicentre diagnostic accuracy study Journal Article

Lancent, 18 (1), pp. 76-84, 2018.

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Juliet Otiti-Sengeri Robert Colebunders, Steven Reynolds Musa Muwonge Getrude Nakigozi Valerian Kiggundu Fred Nalugoda Damalie Nakanjako J

Elevated inflammatory cytokines in aqueous cytokine profile in HIV-1 infected patients with cataracts in Uganda Journal Article

BMC Ophthalmology, 18 (1), 2018.

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Charles B. Holmes Constantin T. Yiannoutsos, Batya Elul Elizabeth Bukusi John Ssali Andrew Kambugu Beverly Musick Craig Cohen Carolyn Williams Lameck Diero Nancy Padian Kara Wools-Kaloustian S K

Increased prevalence of pregnancy and comparative risk of program attrition among individuals starting HIV treatment in East Africa. Journal Article

PloS One, 13 (1), 2018.

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Musomba Rachel Castelnuovo Barbara, Claire Murphy Charlene Komujuni Patience Nyakato Ponsiano Ocama Mohammed Lamorde Philippa Easterbrooka Rosalind Parkes Ratanshi

Uptake of hepatitis B-HIV co-infection screening and management in a resource limited settin Journal Article

BMC Hepatology, Medicine and Policy, 2018.

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Mpoza, Edward; Mukaremera, Liliane; Kundura, Didas Atwebembere; Akampurira, Andrew; Luggya, Tonny; Tadeo, Kiiza Kandole; Pastick, Katelyn A; Sarah C. Bridgt, Lillian Tugume ; Kiggundu, Reuben; Musubire, Abdu K; Williams, Darlisha A; Muzoora, Conrad; Nalintya, Elizabeth; Rajasingham, Radha; Rhein, Joshua; Boulware, David R; Meya, David B; Abassi, Mahsa

Evaluation of a point-of-care immunoassay test kit ‘StrongStep’ for cryptococcal antigen detection Journal Article

PloS One, 13 (1), 2018.

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Catriona Waitt Adeniyi Olagunju, Shadia Nakalema Isabella Kyohaire Andrew Owen Mohammed Lamorde Saye Khoo

Plasma and breast milk pharmacokinetics of emtricitabine, tenofovir and lamivudine using dried blood and breast milk spots in nursing African mother–infant pairs Journal Article

Journal of Antimicrobiol Chemotherapy, 73 (4), pp. 1013-1019, 2018.

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van James G Hakim Jennifer Thompson, Cissy Kityo Anne Hoppe Andrew Kambugu Joep Oosterhout Abbas Lugemwa Abraham Siika Raymond Mwebaze Aggrey Mweemba George Abongomera Margaret Thomason Philippa Easterbrook Peter Mugyenyi Sarah Walker Nicholas Paton J J A I

Lopinavir plus nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors, lopinavir plus raltegravir, or lopinavir monotherapy for second-line treatment of HIV (EARNEST): 144-week follow-up results from a randomised controlled trial. Journal Article

18 (1), pp. 47-57, 2018.

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Kajumbula H Fujita AW, Mbabazi Najjuka Izale Akampurira Aisu Lamorde Walwema Bahr NC Meya DB Boulware DR Manabe YC. O C C A S M R

Antimicrobial Drug Resistance in Blood Culture Isolates at a Tertiary Hospital, Uganda. Journal Article

Emerging Infectious Diseases, 24 (1), 2018.

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