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Colebunders, R; Kamya, M R; Laurence, J; Kambugu, A; Byakwaga, H; Mwebaze, P S; A., Muganga. M; Katwere, M; Katabira, E

First-line antiretroviral therapy in Africa--how evidence-base are our recommendations? Journal Article

AIDS, reviews, 7 (3), pp. 148-54, 2005.

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Sande, M; Ronald, A

HIV/AIDS care in Africa today Journal Article

Clinical Infectious Diseases, 40 (7), pp. 1045-8, 2005.

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Ryan, M; Tchum, I; Coakley, P; Merry, C

Healthcare worker crisis in Africa jeopardises the fight against HIV/AIDS Journal Article

Irish Medical Journal, 98 (2), pp. 61, 2005.


Feld, Jordan. J; Ocama, Ponsiano ; Ronald, Allan.

The liver in HIV in Africa Journal Article

Ativiral Therapy, 10 (8), pp. 953-965, 2005.

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Byakika-Tusiime, J; Oyugi, J H; Tumwikirize, W A; Katabira, E T; Mugyenyi, P N; Bangsberg, D R

Adherence to HIV antiretroviral therapy in HIV+ Ugandan patients purchasing therapy Journal Article

International Journal of STD & AIDS, 16 (1), pp. 38, 2005.

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Wabinga, HR; Colebunders, B; Odida, M; Ocama, P; Colebunders, R

Risk Risk factors for and types of oesophageal cancer. Journal Article

Lancet, (London, England)., 364 (9450), pp. 2018, 2004.

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Resneck, JS Jr. ; M., Van Beek; Furmanski, L; J., Oyugi; LeBoit, PE. ; Katabira, E; Kambugu, F; Maurer, T; Berger, T; Pletcher, MJ. ; Machtinger, EL.

Etiology of pruritic papular eruption with HIV infection in Uganda. Journal Article

JAMA, 292 (21), pp. 2614-21, 2004.

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Oyugi, JH. ; Byakika-Tusiime, J; Charlebois, ED. ; Kityo, C; Mugerwa, R; Mugyenyi, P; Bangsberg, DR

Multiple Validated Measures of Adherence Indicate High Levels of Adherence to Generic HIV Antiretroviral Therapy in a Resource-Limited Setting Journal Article

Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (1999), 36 (5), pp. 1100-2, 2004.

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Sande, MA. ; A., Ronald

Treatment of HIV/AIDS: do the dilemmas only increase? Journal Article

JAMA, 292 (2), pp. 266-8, 2004.

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Ocama, P; Castelnuovo, B; Kamya, M R; Kirk, G D; Reynolds, S J; Kiragga, A; Colebunders, R; Thomas, D L

Low frequency of liver enzyme elevation in HIV-infected patients attending a large urban treatment centre in Uganda. Journal Article

International Journal of STD & AIDS, 21 (8), pp. 553-7, 0000.

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Seremba, E; Ocama, P; Opio, CK. ; Kagimu, M; Thomas, DL. ; Yuan, HJ. ; Attar, N; Lee, WM

Poor performance of hepatitis C antibody tests in hospital patients in Uganda. Journal Article

Journal of Medical Virology, 82 (8), pp. 1371-8, 0000.

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Seremba, E; Ocama, P; Opio, C K; Kagimu, M; Yuan, H J; Attar, N; Thomas, D L; Lee, W M

Validity of the rapid strip assay test for detecting HBsAg in patients admitted to hospital in Uganda Journal Article

Journal of Medical Virology, 82 (8), pp. 1334-40, 0000.

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Katusiime, C; Ocama, P; Kambugu, A

A case of palatal perforation caused by toxoplasmosis Journal Article

Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine, 0000.

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Nakanjako D.1; Mayanja-Kizza, Ouma Wanyenze Mwesigire Namale Ssempiira Senkusu Colebunders Kamya H 1; J 2; R 2; D 2; A 1; J 2; J 2; R 3; M R 1

Tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus co-infections and their predictors at a hospital-based HIV/AIDS clinic in Uganda Journal Article

The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease,, 14 (12), pp. 1621-1628, 0000.

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Quinn, T C

The Academic Alliance for AIDS Care and Prevention in Africa Journal Article

The Hopkins HIV Report, 13 (6), pp. 1-4, 0000.


Kamya, Moses R; Semitala, Fred C; Quinn, Thomas C; Ronald, Allan; Njama-Meya, Denise; Mayanja-Kizza, Harriet; Katabira, Elly T; Spacek, Lisa A

Total lymphocyte count of 1200 is not a sensitive predictor of CD4 lymphocyte count among patients with HIV disease in Kampala, Uganda Journal Article

African Health Sciences, 4 (2), pp. 94-101, 0000.

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S, Prasad; E, Sopdie; D, Meya; A, Kalbarczyk; PJ., Garcia

Conceptual Framework of Mentoring in Low- and Middle-Income Countries to Advance Global Health Journal Article

The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene , 100 (1_Suppl), pp. 9-14, 0000.

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E, Nakku-Joloba; EE, Pisarski; MA, Wyatt; TR, Muwonge; S, Asiimwe; CL, Celum; JM, Baeten; ET, Katabira; NC, Ware

Beyond HIV prevention: everyday life priorities and demand for PrEP among Ugandan HIV serodiscordant couples Journal Article

Journal of International AIDS society, 22 (1), 0000.

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J, Edwards; P, Arimi; F, Ssengooba; G, Mulholland; M, Markiewicz; EA, Bukusi; JT, Orikiiriza; A, Virkud; S, Weir

The HIV care continuum among resident and non-resident populations found in venues in East Africa cross-border areas Journal Article

BMC Infectious Diseases, 22 (1), 0000.

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S, Okoboi; A, Twimukye; O, Lazarus; B, Castelnuovo; Agaba C, Immaculate M; M, Nanfuka; A, Kambugu; R., King

Acceptability, perceived reliability and challenges associated with distributing HIV self-test kits to young MSM in Uganda: a qualitative study. Journal Article

Journal of International AIDS society, 22 (3), 0000.

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R, Nabatanzi; L, Bayigga; S, Cose; S, Rowland-Jones; G, Canderan; M, Joloba; D, Nakanjako

Aberrant natural killer (NK) cell activation and dysfunction among ART-treated HIV-infected adults in an African cohort Journal Article

Clinical Immunology (0lando, Fla), pp. 55-60, 0000.

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Damalie Nakanjako Diane Kendall, Nelson Sewankambo Myat Htoo Razak Bonface Oduor Theresa Odero Patricia Garcia K; Farquhar, Carey

Building and Sustaining Effective Partnerships for Training the Next Generation of Global Health Leaders Journal Article

Annals of Global Health, 87 (1), pp. 66, 0000.

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