Stephen Okoboi

Deputy Head of Research

Stephen is a Research Scientist and a Specialist in Public Health. He is a recipient of the Canadian-African Preventative Trials Network PhD award in Medical Sciences (epidemiology major) at the University of Antwerp, and the University of California San-Francisco-Centre for AIDS Research International Mentored Scientist award. He has worked as a Research Manager at the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) since 2016 where he has managed over 50 collaborative studies. In his previous role, he built and strengthened research systems and processes that have consistently supported implementation of high-quality research, has inspired colleagues through meaningful vision sharing, supported the development of research Standard Operating Procedures for clinical trials, policies and uses a regulatory framework and resource shared model that facilitates different research projects management and implementation with minimal resources. Prior to joining IDI, he worked with TASO, the largest HIV care organization in sub-Saharan Africa for 8 years managing different research projects where he gained extensive research leadership, administration and contracts management skills. He has several publications in peer review journals and he is a manuscript reviewer for several journals and an International AIDS Conferences abstract mentor.