Sylvan Kaboha

Deputy Head of Strategic Planning and Development

Sylvan joined IDI in April 2018 as the senior manager sub granting in the Strategic Planning and Development Department (SPDT); he added substantial value to the IDI systems and was in July 2018 appointed as Deputy Head of Department (SPDT).

He previously worked with Deloitte for 11 years where he held numerous responsibilities in the Advisory/ strategy and operations practice, based out of the Uganda office but with responsibilities in the East African region. Significantly, Sylvan was the Deloitte Public Sector Leader as well as the USAID/DFID team leader from 2015 – 2018 for the Uganda/Rwanda/Burundi practices.

Sylvan has extensive experience in managing funds across a multiplicity of funding agencies including NIH, DoD, Jansen, CDC, DFID, USAID, DANIDA, Irish AID, World Bank, Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, SIDA, Italian Cooperation and the Global Fund.

Sylvan is currently supporting the development and monitoring of the institutes strategic plan; Resource generation to support the objectives of the Plan; strategic information in support of the IDI mission and strategy; Resources management, particularly restricted funding in tandem with finance and administration department; He oversees over 113 active grants projects as well as a sub granting portfolio of over 80 sub grantees receiving USD 17 million per year in sub grants. He previously led one of the biggest grants mechanisms in Uganda with over USD 130 million multi donor CSF/PF program and developed the grants strategy that sub granted to over 400 sub grantees including NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, Local governments, all Municipal councils in Uganda as well as 40 Government ministries departments and agencies.

Sylvan has studied in Uganda, Kenya and the US. He holds a degree in Social Sciences from Makerere University and several qualifications from Harvard Business School (Strategy; Management; Leadership; Finance transformation; Digital analytics).