Tom Kakaire

Head of Strategic Planning and Development

Tom Kakaire is the Head of Strategic Planning and Development at IDI. He has over 18 years’ management experience in the NGO (and particularly public health) sector. He spent over 5 years in finance and operations in various organizations before joining IDI to set up its first Finance and Administration Office. He moved to the Strategic Planning and Development (SPD) department to start up and head the IDI Grants Management team which functions as the IDI Business Office to date ; he doubled as Deputy in the SPD department till he assumed the full headship in October 2015.

In addition to the grants acquisition and management function, he is responsible for other key complementary IDI functions including strategic planning, partnership development, strategic information/ institutional monitoring and evaluation and for a new technical assistance unit which supports health systems strengthening; he closely supports the development of systems and business processes for all these functions, particularly as they relate to meeting IDI’s business objectives. Tom is an important resource for IDI and other organizations in the region, in the area of capacity building in grants acquisition and management, and he has an ongoing interest in developing sustainable business models for the NGO sector.