Barbara Castelnuovo

Head of Research

Barbara Castelnuovo is an Italian Uganda-based clinical researcher. She is a specialist in Infectious Diseases, trained at the University of Milan, with a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Antwerp. She has worked at the Infectious Diseases Institute since 2004.  She has published over 90 original research papers in peer-reviewed Journals.  Since 2008 she has designed and implemented several observational cohorts at IDI.  She is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Makerere University, and she has supervised several post graduate and PhD students from Makerere, as well as international medical students based at IDI. Since 2016 she leads the Research Capacity Building program at IDI, which provides coordination between the funded capacity building programs, and high level mentorship to the IDI scholars.

She has also participated in many Clinical Trials as Investigator and Principal Investigator.

Her research is mainly focused on service delivery and outcomes using observational studies and operational research in the field of infectious diseases.