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Thank you for your interest in supporting IDI and our work to free Africa from the burden of infectious diseases. There are numerous opportunities to support IDI depending on your area of interest. The following are typical opportunities to support IDI programmes:

  • Supporting clinical care for patients: We give free treatment and care for over 10,000 patients (whom we call “friends”). We welcome donations to help us to acquire materials, drugs and to pay health workers who treat our friends. Tell me more.
  • Supporting our friends in the IDI Clinic: IDI friends (including over 500 adolescents and 6,000 women) are often from a disadvantaged background and many of them are unemployed. We welcome donations to support our friends to acquire information to live healthier lives (for example through providing resource centre materials and equipment), to acquire skills (for example through providing training and apprenticeship opportunities) to access credit and to start small businesses (for example by guaranteeing micro loans and/or providing seed capital). Please find a link to one of IDI’s existing programs to address this need under “Testimonies” below. Tell me more.
  • We train over 1,000 health professionals every year: You can sponsor an individual or a group of individuals with no access to alternative funding to attend our training courses or you may opt to sponsor a training course. Tell me more.
  • We develop the capacity of young African scientists in order to create a generation of African scientists with capacity to do world-class research. You may choose to sponsor a selected young scientist to reach his full potential or you may sponsor a specific research capacity building programme. Tell me more.
  • IDI’s physical capacity is increasingly stretched as its programmes reach more people: You may choose to make a cash or in-kind donation to help IDI to improve its physical facilities or acquire new facilities including space, vehicles, medical equipment, office equipment, computer hardware and software and many others. Tell me more.
    For inquiries on how your donation can be used to support the above IDI initiatives and any others of your choice, please call us at +256(0)312-2112422 or email us and you will be directed to the relevant person.


The IDI Young Adult Patients’ Scholarship Program is sponsored by Mr. Don Holzworth/Accordia Global Health Foundation through a non-profit organization called Living Positively. The program is aimed at helping HIV-positive youth realize life’s potential and gain financial independence through tailored vocational training programs; to get them beyond just physical stability and into making a sustainable life for themselves. For details and testimonies please click here.


IDI welcomes volunteers with specific skill sets that might be of benefit to its programs. If you feel you have such a skill set, please write to IDI’s human resources department at

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