IDI renovated the waiting area at Kitebi HCIII

Gazebo and Waiting Shed Handover at Kitebi Health Centre III

Through partnership from the University of Washington, IDI and KCCA who allocated space which was being used by the youth for antenatal care. IDI renovated the waiting area to create space for research study programmes, increase a spacious environment for counselling, and create harmony for service delivery.
“I appreciate our research partners, University of Washington and KCCA for extending a hand of partnership to IDI by allocating space for this project.
Our mission is to build health systems and to support all Ministry of Health programmes”, Dr Andrew Kambugu, IDI Executive Director

We have been relieved from a fixed room to a spacious place, I thank the IDI quantity surveyor and the contractor for the good work, amidst Covid-19 challenges.
“The partnership between IDI and KCCA is so commendable to service delivery and I thank the Obumu team for all the efforts” Moses Kembo, Kitebi HCIII in charge

We thank the University of Washington- ICRC team, in particular, the UW based PI (Dr Connie Celum) for availing the funds, the Uganda Based PI (Dr.Andrew Mujugira) for the leadership. The IDIK has worked with the University of Washington and KCCA for over 10 years. Dr Timothy Muwonge, IDIK head of Programs and Co P-I.
“I feel very good because we were so congested, but now we have a shed for the youth and plenty of space. I would like to thank the University of Washington and IDI for the good collaboration that made the construction of this Gazebo possible”, Agnes Nakyanzi, Study Coordinator Obumu

“I am very happy for the project, which is going to help us answer the question of, why men find it hard to go to health centers through this project and study.
Psychologically it is going to address counselling and it will give time to clients to have a one on one with the doctors”, Paul Ssendiwala, peer male recruiter.

By Kenneth Mulindwa