IDI tests frontline staff for COVID-19

A sample collection site has been setup for COVID19 at the IDI-McKinnell Knowledge Centre, Makerere University in order to ensure safety for health care workers who have been supporting COVID 19 related activities in the country.

Materials used during the testing include the COVID19 collection kit that contains nasal and oral swabs hence helping in the collection of 10 samples so far.

Dr Morgan Ottita, the IDI Laboratory technical advisor on outbreak preparedness, posed a question for health care workers, before any testing was done, saying, “Have you been in any COVID19 related activities?”.

The activity is supported by the Ministry of Health with the intention that regular testing of individuals at risk allows quick identification of cases, timely treatment and immediate isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

IDI frontline health workers, will have routine surveillance after every 14 days.

Voices from different front line workers:

Dr Daniel Bulwadda, Senior technical advisor infection prevention (IPC) and control and outbreak preparedness and response

We have carried out trainings for health workers in IPC and case management of COVID-19 and supported the MoH in all directories. With our role in supporting the Ministry at points of entry it makes sense to have our own staff tested.

Fiona Amolo Oruru, laboratory coordinator

Our mandate is to ensure that the lab team is trained on sample collection, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in both the communities and laboratories. I appreciate the technical assistance, guidance and mentoring of staff that has been offered to us by IDI to be able to support MoH during this pandemic. I encourage the laboratory team to adhere to the safety guidelines to avoid getting infected or spreading infections.

Omongin Naptan, security officer at IDI, Saracen

My role in this cause was accelerated by the training I received from IDI to meditate a suspected patient with Coronavirus symptoms. I was trained how to perform a hand rubbing/washing exercise, social distancing people who come into IDI at the gate premises and the proper use of facemasks.

Kadondi Janepher, volunteer temperature monitoring(IDI)

I received training in detecting symptoms of a suspected patients such as dry cough, high temperatures and difficulty in breathing. I am now well versed in the procedures of using a temperature thermometer, its calibrations and how to isolate a patient if suspected after 10 minutes. We also received hand hygiene training and the 5 moments of handwashing.