Research Support

Research Administration
In order to manage the growing, increasingly diverse research portfolio at the institute, the research office has steadily grown to cover the following functions:

  • Research Governance: Developing, implementing and monitoring adherence (compliance) to research policies and procedures. A sample of commonly used policies and procedures for  conducting research in IDI is provided below
  • Form RS 6 Application to Conduct Research in Uganda
  • Form RC 1 Application to Conduct Research in Uganda
  • Financial Conflict of Interest Related to Research
  • Data Sharing Policy
  • Student Research Policy
  • Research Administration and Coordination: Project /portfolio tracking and facilitation of research productivity
  • Research Capacity Building: Talent management (development and retention)
  • Research Resource Mobilization: Interfacing with the business development and Grants Management Units to maximize resources available for research and to coordinate research grant acquisition across IDI-based research teams
  • Research Partnerships and Communication: Enhancing relations with academia, industry, regulatory bodies/agencies and other strategic research partners; and to disseminate research results

Statistics and Data Management Unit

The Statistics unit supports various research projects in data management, data quality control and assurance measures, and in data analysis. The unit is involved in the analysis of large longitudinal datasets that contain information collected in the routine care of patients registered at the IDI. Data analysed by statisticians in the unit in collaboration with clinical researchers has resulted in many publications and has also been used to support qualitative studies. The unit has developed strong external collaborations with well-established institutions, such as the Bio statistical team at the Division of Intramural Research, NIH/NIAID which have helped the unit to build greater capacity for providing a high quality service.

DataFax Sub-Unit

The DataFax Unit was formed as a semi-independent sub-unit under the Statistics and Data Management Unit to offer Data Management Services including form (CRF) design, plate and database design and set up, routine data management involving multiple data reviews, quality control checks and reports using DataFax technology. The unit trains users and physically sets up client systems at field sites. These services have proved to be of great value to various clinical trials, observational studies, operational research and cohort studies. The DataFax Unit was set-up with generous support and on-going technical assistance from the NIH which contributes significantly to maintenance of the hardware, backs-up of data and costs of license fees; it also offers on-site consulting through the Uganda International Center of Excellence in Research. For more information, please see: Clinical Data Management Using the DataFax System.